Ever since I have been in Jackson I have gained a new love for our sweet little family dog, Moe. Since I have only been in Jackson for about 2 weeks I haven’t founds any friends my age yet. I do plan on getting involved with the singles ministry at Pinelake. The first meeting with that isn’t until he 24th of this month. So until then, Sweet Little Moe Moe and I are Best Friends.

Here is a pic of me and Moe watching the National Championship game.

Here is a picture of Moe sitting in the chair in my room, hanging out with me while I was getting ready one morning.

Moe and I go on a walk every afternoon. He LOVES walking! Here is a picture of us getting ready for our walk. (He was ready to go, he didn’t want to waste anytime for a picture.)

Moe and I went to “Happy Hour” at Sonic the other day. Here is a picture of us on our way to Sonic.