This past weekend my aunts (dad’s sisters) came into town. It was alot of fun hanging out with them. They grew up in West Point Mississippi, so on Saturday we decided it would be fun to go to West Point and visit my grandparents old house (which we still own). I loved going to visit my Granny and Papaw as a kid and just being at their house. They lived on a farm so there was so much fun stuff to do. Going to visit this weekend was like taking a trip down memory lane.

Dad, Jackie, and Brenda outside of the “Milk House”

The Tractor that we used to ride through the Pasture.

There are 6 trees in a complete circle, this was where me and Caroline use to make “Mud Pies”

Dad and I in the back of the House

I tried getting creative with my photography. This is Brenda, Dad, and Jackie walking though the pasture with the House and Barn in the background.

Here I am in front of the best climbing tree ever. This was a huge Magnolia tree in the front yard we used to LOVE climbing.

Here is Jackie, Dad, and Brenda in front of their house they grew up in.

My aunt Jackie has been knitting for quite sometime now and everytime I see her she is so sweet to give me a scarf and everytime I tell her I want to learn to knit, well this weekend was a perfect time. I AM A KNITTER AND I LOVE IT! Brenda (my other aunt) has started knitting again too. So we just sat in the living room knitting most nights. It was alot of fun.