Saturday Pinelake (the church I go to) had an event called Shine. Basically everyone that attends Pinelake is assigned a place to go and work. By using our works we “Shine” for Jesus. My small group along with 3 othere small groups were assigned to be in Downtown Jackson working a “Block Party.” There was a health fair going on so we were in charge of all the kids while their parents were at the health fair. We had a couple of blow up jumpy things, cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, games, facepaint, and some other fun things. I had a great time being with my small group while serving these precious little ones.

Here is a picture of the girls in my small group that were there:

Some of the girls faces that I painted.

This is Ci Ci. She was so precious! She is having so much fun jumping in the Moon Jump.

Some of the kids waiting in Line to Slide.

Me and Lauren, my small group leader.