I am in the Season of Life where people are getting married. This is so crazy, 2 of my very best friends in the whole world got engaged within 4 days of each other and asked me to be in both of their weddings… THE WEDDINGS ARE ON THE SAME DAY! Louise is my best friend from home and we have been great friends since… Birth. We have lots of fun stories from growing up. Nicole was my first college roommate and sorority sister. She and I were never apart Freshman year. So from now until July 17th I am attending all kinds of Wedding Parties. It really is alot of fun to be able to spend time with both of these girls and get to know some of their friends I have never met.

A couple of weekends ago I had an Engagement Party in Birmingham for Nicole.

Here is a picture of Nicole’s “Soon to be Husband.” I didn’t get any pictures that night but someone else took this one. (I have got to get better about taking pictures!)

Last weekend I went to Newnan and we had an Engagement Party for Louise. It was alot of fun being back hanging out with Old Friends.

Here is a picture of Me, Louise, and some of her college friends who came to the party.

Julianne, Louise, and I